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  • Bosch Lbb-1956/00 Plena Voice Alarm Call Station

Bosch Lbb-1956/00 Plena Voice Alarm Call Station

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29 / 01 / 2024
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Detail Bosch Lbb-1956/00 Plena Voice Alarm Call Station

▶ Stylish six-zone call station for the Plena Voice Alarm System
▶ Six zone selection keys, all-call key and momentaryPTT-key for calls
▶ Selectable gain, speech filter, limiter, and output level for improved intelligibility
▶ LED indications for zone selection, fault, and emergency state
▶ Call station extension provides seven additional zone and zone group keys.

The LBB 1956/00 call station is a stylish, high-quality call station with a stable metal base design, a flexible microphone stem and a unidirectional condenser microphone. It can make calls to selected zones (one to six and all-call) in a public address system built with the Plena Voice Alarm System. In addition to tabletop use, the special design allows it to be neatly flushmounted in desktops. The LBB 1957/00 Plena Voice Alarm System Keypad is an extension adding seven additional keys. Toa Amplifier

Each call station supports six zone selections. The number of selectable zones or zone groups can be increased by connecting
call station keypads (LBB 1957/00). Up to eight keypads can be added with each keypad adding seven zone or zone-group
This call station features selectable gain, a selectable speech filter, and a limiter for improved intelligibility. The call station has
a balanced line level output, making it possible to position it up to 1000 meters from the controller, using CAT-5 extension
cables. With shielded cable, the call station can also be used in an EMC level 5 (heavy industry) environment.
DIP switches at the base of the call station select different microphone gain levels, the call station ID, and the speech filter. A
service accessible rotary control provides microphone level attenuation. LEDs on the call station show which zones have been
selected. Three additional LEDs give visible feedback on the active state of the microphone and the system. Green flashing
means standby (chime is sounding). Green indicates microphone active. Amber indicates that the system has detected a fault,
and red indicates that the system is in the emergency state.

Controls and indicators
• Four status LEDs • PTT-key • PTT status LED • Six zone selection keys
• Six zone selection LEDs • All-call key • Eight DIP switches • Rotary volume control

• Two RJ45 jacks • 24 VDC input • Keypad connector

Technical specifications: Electrical
Power Supply:
Voltage range 24 VDC supplied by LBB 1990/00 (or 18 to 24 VDC or VAC external power supply)
Current consumption <30 mA (plus <15 mA per keypad)
Nominal sensitivity 85 dB SPL (gain preset 0 dB), Nominal output level 700 mV, Input sound level (max) 110 dB SPL
Gain preset +6 / 0 / -15 dB, Limiter threshold 2 V, Compression ratio limiter 1:20, Distortion <0.6% (maximum input)
Input noise level (equiv.) 25 dB SPLA, Frequency response 100 Hz to 16 kHz
Speech filter -3dB at 315 Hz, high-pass, 6 dB/oct, Output impedance 200 ohm
Chimes Any wave file, Priorities 7

Base dimensions 40 x 100 x 235 mm (1.57 x 3.97 x 9.25 in), Weight Approx. 1 kg, Mounting Standalone
Color Charcoal with silver, Stem length with mic 390 mm (15.35 in), Cable length 5 m (16.4 ft)

Operating temperature -10 ºC to +45 ºC (14 ºF to +113 ºF)
Storage temperature -40 ºC to +70 ºC (-40 ºF to +158 ºF)
Relative humidity <95%
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